Hokkien Mee Diplomacy
By Alban Mannisi Follow | Public

Examining the environmental issues to respond to the current crisis by relocalising the globalisation, Hokkien Mee Diplomacy Forum explores the various forms of local agriculture resilience and emerging Built Environment dynamics. Several international speakers will question the autochthonous practices and customs of revitalisation to resolve the food security issues in Singapore and the rest of the world. Animated by several international built environment designers; Alban Mannisi, Bjorn Low, Charles Anderson, Yazid Ninsalam, Ng Jin Xi, Andrew Lee, and Calvin Chua, the forum will discuss several built and research projects.

As the part of the series of international workshops Design Diplomacy, Hokkien Mee Diplomacy aims to provide an overview of the current Singapore/Malaysian environmental injustice situation; develop critical tools and methodologies of engaging in this arena; provide a systematic compendium of case studies of these complex phenomena for the enthusiastic new generation of landscape architects / planners / environmental designers concerned with the ethical behaviours towards humans and non-humans.